Which color tape for...

Hmm, if you are going to bring a 4 year old thread to the top, the least you could do is supply a part number instead of just "mauve" lol.
WTH is "mauve?" I see green and yellow. Haven't seen a difference so I use the cheaper one, whichever that is.
Didn’t see that it was three years old...LOL. Mauve ? You don’t know what colour Mauve is? Very light purple like lilac. I’ll have to 2x the brand... Now that I have contacted someone on this board can you tell me how to start a new thread? Thanks.
To start a new thread - you can click to the forum subject you want to talk about to see the list of threads. To the top of that page click the orange “post thread” to start a new one.

Looks like this: