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White Epoxy Primer

I love SPI Epoxy Primer and the sheen it leaves when you shoot it. We are so very, very close for B1 Blue and UC.... And oh did I mention SPI technical support? Texted Barry this Sunday about how long to wait before shooting epoxy over 2k high build and he replied in minutes. If not for that I would not have been able to get this far as I would not have dared shoot the epoxy over the 2k the minute I was done sanding it. (Yes that is also an all SPI Coronet in the garage :) )

DSC_0077.jpg DSC_0084.jpg DSC_0083.jpg DSC_0083.jpg DSC_0081.jpg DSC_0080.jpg
DSC_0079.jpg DSC_0078.jpg DSC_0077.jpg
Hey Jim,
Are those just engine stands you are using for a rotisserie?
Did you use the same setup for the Coronet?
Yes Harbor Freight heavy duty one. not tall enough to rotate full 90 but will go 45 degrees which is a HUGE help as long as there is not a lot of body work on the bottom. Good enough for scraping undercoating and striping paint. Much cheaper and takes up less space. No I did not. After 2 hours under the Duster I said I am NOT doing that again and started to think about how to make a simple way to roll and move the body.
You're daughter will have a beautiful car when it's done! The sky is eye candy as well, we can't see that far in my rural Ohio neighborhood!