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windsheild molding question

Hi Guys,

I taped the top windshield molding for my honda del sol back towards the windshield to paint the top peice and after an hour or so the tape must have slid and made the molding touch/bridge where I had painted. It's not horrible, but something I'm going to fix once the nice weather gets around. Looking at the attached picture, is there a way to get the molding out and back in without damaging or removing the BRAND NEW windshield? Along my journey I cracked the old one, then had safelite rape my wallet for a new one and the molding is very new and firm, so it's hard to tape back.

I also know that 3m makes molding tape with a hard edge but i don't want to spend the money on a whole roll of it. I tried making my own firm edge tape with no success. Do you have any other suggestions to be able to get some paint under there and avoid bridging? molding temp.JPG