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Wood baseball bat coatings??

What coatings (clears, colors, stains) do the bat manufacturers use on their bats? Im looking at the sons wood bats and he had clear wood ones and also a gray painted one. What takes that kind of abuse. I texted a bat company and of course the answer was its something only for their company and wouldn't elaborate. THANKS!


evil painter
They are embombed in a proprietary blend of resins.

Don't laugh, I probably explained more than they did.

Just for laughs, try wiping a spot with lacquer thinner & see if anything removes. Then try another spot with denatured alcohol see if anything turns white or tan.
The strongest finish I've found for my wood projects is "conversion varnish"
It's a catalyzed product made just for cabinetry.
I Think it's the same product used for refinished flooring.
I have wiped it off with lacquer thinner without marring it, once fully cured.
Sherwin Williams sells it along with several other brands.
It's all I use now. It must be sprayed but it is very user friendly.