You're input is needed


Mine come from photobucket
Guess I'll have to live with that then. I'm going to test it for size.
!!Wait!! I just discovered "Upload a File" on the lower right. Wow, option for thumbnail of full image. Screw Photbucket with all their pop up ads and slow downs.

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So on the old site, you could go back indefinitely and edit any post you submitted, now its limited to five minutes after you post the reply, correct? Im not complaining, I just want to make sure I understand.


So on adding photos, is there a way to make the photo icon bring up your computer like the old site did?
We have a lot of changes coming hopefully all for the better. We intend to have the BEST forum out there. It is going to take me until the first of the year to implement all these changes. If you have an idea post it here or PM me and I will take it into serious consideration. I'm still learning the new software and its limits. The thing I like about this software is there are trying just as hard as we are to be the best of the best. Read thru the post here I don't want to read 100 people saying the same thing lol I have so much work to do already. But we are very open to suggestions.
When on the SPI Products page there is a button on the far right of the top menu that says Forum. When I clicked it I got an error page.


Dub - I know this site is a ton of work and thank you for always listening and making by his site one of the best out there!

Two things I have noticed. All the old forums listed the number of post that a person had in the header. I liked this for a credibility measure. Was it a vet, new member needing help, or someone who is here but does not post much but offers good info, or someone posting to cause trouble. The other minor thing is, I keep the damn home link thinking it will get me to forum home and I end up at the SPI site....

Thanks for listening!


Not qualified to answer that JL, but I think the difference is pm is just between two members and a conversation can include multiple members, I think?


Just checked and in conversations, you can add up to a total of five members. PM is just between two members. Wonder what is with the clock being off. Right now my cell phone says 10:37 AM Mountain Time. Compare that to the time shown underneath soon as I commit this post (right now)


I have noticed the clock being off also, not all the time just sometimes. It also seems like some times the time showed when something was posted will be different when you go back later. Again haven't noticed it a lot, but have noticed it.


So there ya go, I committed a post at 10:37 and it shows 5:37 PM. Also, on that post, the window to delete never or edit never ended.


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i liked old - just wanted zoom. technology complicates Shhh.. i like universal buffed like butter over black cherry, not fn moji things or whatever they're called.


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And when you go back a page, page doesn't return u to scroll u were at. Using ios10.xx bed.
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Sorry about above posts last night.

Delete or Edit option for 24hrs when you wake up next morning would be nice :)


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My computer screen, left wrist, & phone got a clock. Just glad to have a forum not doing weird stupid things when I type anymore.:rolleyes:


look in your profile and check your clock settings. the site clock is set to central time by default.