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    mottling, explained in detail?

    hi guys, if you get mottling then say you clear the can you determine what actually caused the mottling? striping seems straight forward, but how do you determine if you applied the base too dry, too wet, maybe the air pressure wasn't right, etc? When I first started out I'd spray...
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    re-do with same pot of basecoat questions/suggestions

    hi guys, I sprayed a car the other day, checked it with my light and it looked fine..but when I cleared the car i stumbled too close to the quarter about 4 inches from the door and put a nice run in it that drug the basecoat a little so it needs a re-do. I'm no pro, but usually what I'd do is...
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    poor adhesion spraying base next day

    Hi Guys, I sprayed some epoxy as a sealer, then the next day sprayed nason base the next day. This was the inside of some doors. About a month later I taped the inside of the doors off to not get overspray on them, but pulling the tape up pulled the clear and base right off of the epoxy. Is...
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    mottled look in solid color, possible causes?

    I sprayed a friends car a solid color called hyper blue (subaru) and in the sun I'm seeing slight dark spots almost like mottling. Not exactly sure what caused it, but could wrong temp reducer play a part? I don't think I sprayed the base too dry or anything like that, but I'm stumped on this...