mottled look in solid color, possible causes?

I sprayed a friends car a solid color called hyper blue (subaru) and in the sun I'm seeing slight dark spots almost like mottling. Not exactly sure what caused it, but could wrong temp reducer play a part? I don't think I sprayed the base too dry or anything like that, but I'm stumped on this one. Any suggestions greatly appreciated!


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On a solid color only thing reducer would do is if it was too fast you would feel some surface roughness. Too slow simply would take longer to flash off.
Some blues can be tough to get coverage. I'm pretty certain what you are seeing is light and dark areas caused by not getting full coverage. Probably needed to spray one or two more coats. What base were you using?
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I sealed the car with spi epoxy prior to base coat. I'm thinking it was too thin. I scuffed it and threw a couple more coats on tonight and will clear in the morning so we'll see how it goes.


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Could also be some spots heaver than others due to amount of coats??? Where solvent not out because of humidity?
Wet a 1 sq foot area with solvent w&g or water and see if it looks even.


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What were the color coats sprayed over, a uniform, one-color substrate?

This was gonna be my question. I made the mistake of using Nason when doing some repairs on my buddy's Mustang(EP red). pulled it outside and holy balls you could see the primer through 4 coats of base......

Long story short, it ended up costing me MORE to do the job in Nason than it would have in Deltron or even Chroma..