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1967 Fairlane

I took this Fairlane in trade toward some of the labor on a 68 Shelby I has painting about 4 years ago. I don't get a lot of time to work on it but we are trying to get the bodywork finished in time for our local Mustang and Ford show in late Oct.

Here is what we started with. I did not think I could save the right quarter but I figured it was worth a try instead of spending $750 for a new quarter.

Brian welded the extra holes in firewall and the shock tower for extra strength

Welds ground and motor mounts and mid plate mounts for a big block FE engine


is there much of a market for the 66-67 fairlanes? i've found a 67 2dr hardtop 289/c-4 car thats in pretty decent shape that can be had for $1500. didn't know if there was enough interest in them to make a little profit in the long run. nice job (as always)!!
It is my car so it has taken a long time to get to this point working on it in our spare time. I plan on running a 390 with an automatic unless when the time comes I put a 428 in it. The Mustang Club of Tampa is having their 29th annual car show Oct 23 and I plan on going as a vendor this year and taking it under construction. We still need to mini tub it and narrow the rear. I want to have the bottom finished in SPI bedliner and the body work finished and epoxy primed.
We worked on the bottom welding and adding a Crites rear leaf spring relocation kit. The leaf springs are moved to the inside of the frame rails and the rear has offset shackles. This is what was done to the Super Stockers back in the mid 70's to fit the larger slicks.

I had Brian add gussets for more support

We are cleaning off the Georgia clay from the bottom of the body and doing a little bodywork on the firewall

your fabrication skills are mad ! Let me know if you need a helper to ask you stupid questions and watch you for a week, I know I have vacation to use ! No pro here, just love the hobby...
Starting to mini tub

The brace for the deck lid hinge attaches to the inner wheelhouse so Brian cut it off and welded it to the roll cage

Bondoking;513 said:
I like that Red.. Sure is purdy.. Car is coming along nicely bro
That red is great I haven't had it outside yet to look at it in the sun. I took it out of the booth yesterday and it was under a skylight in the shop and I hard a hard time not looking at it while I was trying to sand the back side of the Fairlane hood and a Mustang hood.