1972 C10


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It looks like another 4L60? Is there any difference between the two other than the TC? What stall speed on the TC?


Thanks guys.

Transmission is more or less the same. I think technically the first one was a 4L60/4L65 and this is a 4L70, both were rebuilt with upgrades. Cosmetically they are identical, the main difference is the addition of an input speed sensor and all the associated parts to add it. Torque Converter is an aftermarket 11 inch, stock is 12. I think stall was advertised 2400-2600. Im not sure where it actually ended up but its a noticeable difference without being overly aggressive or annoying on a light cruise.


Was out for a cruise a few weeks ago and took a few glamour shots. I didnt have many pictures with the tailgate on so I had to get a few on a real nice evening. I cant thank you guys enough for all the help along the way.



20200617_202521 copy.jpg


20200617_202424 copy.jpg



I know I'm late commenting on your truck build, but I hope that doesn't diminish my compliment. If I had a blue ribbon, I'd give it you. What an awesome job, not just paint and body mods, but everything. I bet it's a dream to drive.


Thanks, I appreciate all the compliments and feedback, no matter when I get them.

I have fun rodding on it every now and then, usually it brings a smile to my face. I had it out on a Friday night a week or two ago. We have a pretty popular restaurant on the main drag and as I was driving by I was watching a table of 4 people whose interest I had, the one guy started slapping his wife in the arm and she hurried to get her phone out to take a picture. I had a pretty good laugh about that.

I am lately just working on trying to get some of the bugs and small things worked out. I went through 3 different sets of brake pads before I found something I liked. Low dusting, good bite, and quiet with no chattering. I ended up with Bosch ceramics and Ive been really happy with them so far, my brakes with the pad change and the dual 9 inch diaphragm booster are night and day different from last fall.

Ive been trying to align the steering/suspension myself and it has been time consuming, learning tricks on which adjustments to make and how much of it to adjust. Im getting it real close on having it set up pretty good, just a little more fine tuning before its done. Im almost to the point I want to take it somewhere but am too paranoid, only about one place I trust around here and the guy I trust is not doing it full time anymore.

When I had my transmission out I tried to seal a small oil pan leak externally, everything was good for about a month and then I had a fairly good leak, worse than before. I found the oil cooler block off plate leaking on the pan, I put a new gasket in that tonight. It looks like the pan gasket was dry so Im hopeful that everything stays dry now.

I modded my power door locks and got them to work really good, almost like a modern car now. I felt confident enough on everything inside the door so I finally put my door panels on. In order to get my power window switches to look factory with factory door panels I modified a pair of Cheyenne door panels with stainless trim and a wood grain insert. It was kind of a tight fit getting the stainless trim to fit right as I had my upholstery guy wrap the aluminum wood grain insert. The added bulk of the upholstery was more than I anticipated, but they ended up looking alright. I had thought about painting them but like having them match the seats. I have a lot of time in trying to figure all that out, Im glad it worked out.

20200809_135518.jpg 20200809_135528.jpg 20200809_141321.jpg 20200809_141304.jpg 20200809_132036.jpg 20200809_145258.jpg

Last little thing is a nearly finished picture of my tailgate, it was the last piece I had to cut and buff. Still some polishing to do on the entire truck, but the hard part is done. I have some urethane wave here and there throughout the truck, but I cant complain too much. Most of it I trace back to being gun shy on my cutting.



Wanted to bring this up to speed as its been awhile, Ive made a small amount of progress over the last few months.

I snapped a couple pictures of the interior for the most part complete, at least cosmetically. Ive got some work to do behind the dash and behind the glove box, but it at least looks the part now, its nice driving it and not looking at a hole in the dash where the glove box is.



Took a nice sun shot towards the end of October, I assumed it would be my last drive of the year.


The weather turned back around and we actually got some rain to clean the roads up, it happened to make it into the 40's today. I never thought Id have my truck out this late in the year, but I couldn't not take it out once more. I ended up by the beach from this last summer and got one last picture for the year, quite a bit colder now.

Hope everyone enjoys the holidays, I know I'm looking forward to it.



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Still a beautiful truck! I almost took mine to work yesterday but I'm glad I didn't since a surprise rain/snow shower came through.

Did you get your transmission all sorted out?


Thanks. The weather from yesterday to today is night and day different, it appears winter is arriving in a hurry.

Transmission has been ran in and it operates really good. I've still got a decent list of odds and ends to keep me busy for a while, but nothing too pressing.


I took a pretty cool picture today and wanted to share, not much going on with my truck lately.

I was able to final polish and detail the entire truck earlier this summer, it did liven things up quite a bit. I spent a decent amount of time this summer trying to get my cruise control to work, I ended up with multiple issues to work through. The main problem ended up being a grounding issue between the Dakota Digital cruise control box and the ECM. I had the dash tore out for the better part of a couple weeks. I ended up grounding the box through the engine harness directly and that solved my issues. I can say having cruise control is absolutely fantastic, an ankle saver.

I still have some nagging little things to take care of, but for the most part I've been just enjoying a pretty complete truck.

IMG_20211128_151447884 copyLP.jpg



I enjoyed following your progress on that truck, it was quite a transformation. You will have to post up some pics when he gets it lowered.