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42' Cadillac

Here are some pictures of the back. I didn't take a picture before I epoxied but it was nice. Felt paper was glued to the floor boards with a light tar film that pulled right up. I used a cup brush on my cordless drill to prep it. It didn't have any of the surface rust like the front. I really need to get the metal work done and painted but I keep walking around it instead of working on it. It's looking like a week off work is the only way it will happen. Trying to get a paying project where it needs to be so I haven't had any evenings and few sundays to do it.


Looked at pic that shows fans under front seats.
Rear seat- beautiful how car interiors were. High class fancy people :)
My father mentioned high roof for hats worn back then.
They looked at things different back then. Wool broadcloth was in almost all the sedans and coupes. Convertibles got the leather as it was more resistant from getting wet. And convertibles leak like crazy. Our Auburn has a waterfall dash. If it rains hard enough it runs down the front of the dash like a waterfall. Most of these chauffer driven cars had leather front seats and I don't know the exact reason for that.

I wish I had taken pictures of the back with the woodgrain and such. Just a rich/warm feeling.

Most of the exterior chrome has been plated with the exception of bumpers and door handles. The grill will be ready for pickup soon. Won't be cheap but needed to be done.