I'd be curious to see close ups of the damage, it honestly looks like delamination more than chips. This can be caused when a guy aggressively power washes a chipped area with a Hotsie.

Just speaking for myself, I always activate base because around here even the paved roads here are regularly "chip sealed" with very sharp crushed rock.
One problem with that truck is that two thirds or three quarters of the tire is below the cab, so almost everything the tire throws has a good chance of hitting the cab. The inner fender is living an easy life.:)
I would like to hear some opinions on the how to repair this problem, The customer either wants it in rino liner or chip guard tinted the same color and coming up to 5 inches below the silverado badge covering the bottoms of the front and back doors.
JC, been thinking about it, and if it was me I would sand the areas that you want the chip guard or rino on really well to try to get most of the chipping and delamination out. Obviously you will want to mask off at the planned line or stopping point before you sand. Then prime with SPI epoxy unreduced, if you have some red oxide that would be a good choice. I would put a min of 2 coats on. I don't know much about rhino. Is it tintable? If so, that would be what to use.
The rino liner is tintable, I really appreciate you helping me with this project. I wonder if spi primer is tintable? I have some base coat that I can use if it would work?