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Little crunch

Thanks guys, Shine I'll post some pics just for tonite hopefully lol. I rebuild for myself sometimes and also do customer work, BUT my main customer is my dads cars so it doesnt pay so well hahaha all works out in the end tho. More to come
one of my old painter friends got into rebuilders back in the 70's. stopped doing custom work and just did rebuilders for years. just didn't flip my switch. but hell i didn't really work for any one back then. just shop to shop doing what ever . BUT i was a painter. i started at 320 paper.
lol right on shine, this is basically how I got started in the trade by rebuilding some insurance wrecks, hoping to continue doing insurance work for a good while, but I really would love to be doing big dollar restos, I've got 2 of my own to do that I can show my kind of work (65 mustang fastback, and 46 ford truck)restomods.

couple pics for shine IMG_3869.jpg







I actually used almost all spi products on this one, epoxy primer, high build primer and 2.1 production clear with a touch spi reducer, for base I used PPG Envirobase(waterborne)
I've been shooting the 2.1 clear with a 1.3 sata hvlp all this time, finally shot it out of a 1.4 sata3000 hvlp after reading a post from Barry saying you would have to work the gun to much with a 1.3, well it went on awesome with the 1.4 normally I reduce it but wasnt needed this time, if I wanted it to be slicker I would've but was quite happy:) IMG_5171.jpg




thanks guys, I cant believe the difference in tip size made, I also just slammed on my second coat on the hood with a 3rd coat directly after my second pass, minus the trash it came out slick and no solvent pop or sags at all.

My clear of choice for the type of booth I spray in was PPG Deltron 4000 but have to use the dc4010 now to meet voc regulations, and well I finally tried the dc4010 at $240 for a kit and for the price it doesnt spray any better then the 2.1 so Im gonna stick with the 2.1.