New Base/Clear gun recommendations for the DIYers in the $200-$400 range



The W-400 from Japan may be a different gun than the one you get in the US. The Japanese version has no cutout slits on the nozzle, I sell SPI to a painter that owns one here in Canada, haven't had a chance to play with it. It may not be compliant as well, just something to keep in mind if you care for that.

True. Possibly different and non-compliant. I certainly don't care. I have plenty of documentation saying I use compliant guns and one for my older W-400. None of the documentation that comes with a gun has serial numbers so.....For Pete's sake, those 16 buck guns from Harbor Freight say they are compliant and when you spray with one to get decent atomization no one can see you for the cloud of overspray. I tried to tune my brother in laws so he could paint his race car. On a side note though, I have found those guns with a 1.8 nozzle and make a mean 20 buck primer gun that I don't mind letting my helpers use so they don't have to use my SATA KLC.

Thanks for your input. That issue my be important to some readers. I don't know if it is compliant but I can tell you, I don't see any difference in spraying with it versus my old US market W-400. I have not noticed excessive material use to suggest it has poor transfer efficiency. But, I only use it for flow coat so I don't spray with it daily either.


Does anybody know anything about the Iwata Air Gunsa Impact AZ3 HVLP guns or a Binks SV100GW? They are both in the $250 to $275 range. The Iwata can be had for $225 or so if you shop around.


So basically the primer guns don't matter much, but the BC/cc guns or Ss guns do.

So with a choice of three guns for the normal process of primer work, BC and SS work, and then the all imprtant clear work, what is a multiple car-project person to buy?

I have found the devilbiss finish line a quite finicky gun. It also has so many little crevices and such inside it is difficult to clean. I would hate to have to clean it to get one color out and use it for another color soon after. That would be disaster.

I consider it a primer gun. I would want very much to have a much more quality and adjustable gun for the stuff you would actually see on a car.


You guys will probably laugh....But for metallic base coats I use my old Binks M1G. Perfect layout even with dark blues. It doesn't do a bad job with high solid clears either.