Screwed selling an Iwata LPH-400 on Ebay



I sold an almost new Iwata LPH-400 on Ebay,. It worked perfect and I only used it about 4-5x. It only sold for about $200.

The buyer received it, tried to clean it for some reason. He said it is leaking between the body and the nozzle. This has never happened before, as the gun was almost new. I am not sure if the user damaged something trying to clean it, but it was a perfect gun when I sent it to him,.

Now this "buyer" is asking for him money back, I am sure Ebay will side with him.. In the end, i will probably get back a gun he somehow destroyed and be out all of my money.
Any ideas?


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No, there's nothing you can do. It's the price of selling on ebay. That's why a lot of people won't do it. I still do because it's one of the only ways to sell quickly and for market value, but always with the understanding that there are some bad and/or stupid people out there. There were things you could do beforehand, like video document the function of the gun and take detailed close up photos to post them to the listing. Even that may not have helped, though. Also it's smart to put a secret mark on the item to ensure that what they send back is what you sold them. I think at this point you will just have to "take your lumps." Hopefully, the gun is repairable when you get it back.


so he has no proof that t leaked when he first recieved it. only after HE TOOK IT APART to clean it

you described part as fully functional like as new and if you have a 100% feedback rating, well ebay would have to really think about who to side with


then i would start video recording opening the return package un cut and take apart the gun to see if he fucked it up. and then put it back together like you normally would and spray something. i mean since when can u get a refund from an auction?

and true crash, ebay probably looks at the small sellers like peasants
One word of advice. Never guarantee a product on eBay.
You can advertise it as almost new, works perfectly etc. but put a disclaimer line that says something like, "read the description carefully as I do not accept returns.
Also, when filling in the eBay forms be sure to check the "no returns" box.

If the buyer contacts you and say he is not happy, you can always change your mind if you think he has a legitimate complaint and return his money less shipping.


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Yeah, good advice, Coronet, and something that is checked in my listings by default. But realistically we live in a world where people just expect to be able to return products for any reason. Just the other day I was in Costco and some retard was returning produce simply because he bought too much. They have to throw it all away.


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I had a rare valve rocker set from an engine I modified years ago.
Listed serial number on eBay with the rockers.
A reseller bought it and sent back a regular stock set.
My mistake was did not take picture of rocker cam #s but learned real fast eBay did not care about my story.
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Exactly what Barry said. They will switch your parts for their bad ones and send it back to you courtesy ebay. Happens with vintage rolex everyday, I had to stop selling for that reason.


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I've bought more then sold but when i sold, did like 68 said.
I'd say no returns or refunds, sold as-is, require x amount of positive feedback, paypal only & to protect all parties- no buy try returns. I'm not Amazn.
I'm in the 100% positive feedback club heh.

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There is a reason that ebay has a return guarantee. For the most part, they will hear both sides of the story and THEY will return the money. His fraud will be between him and ebay.


The seller just left me my first and only negative feedback on ebay. My auction did say no returns. It seems now like Ebay is only giving me a few options, one is to accept the return and then I'd pay the shipping!. I own about a dozen guns and none of them leak, not even my HF guns.

Here is my auction if interested

info from my buyer

I was going to try the gun for the first time today and to my surprise, the gun leaks fluid by the nozzle.

It looks like the seat is damaged thus not allowing a propper seal with the nozzle. I opened the gun, cleaned it nicely, still leaks just as much.

He included this picture



Its in ebay's best interest for you to have positive feedback, so I would plead your case to them. Worst case, take it back, pay the shipping, verify the gun works ok or that the buyer damaged it someway, then plead your case again to ebay to get the negative feedback removed and maybe get your fees back. Then resell it. I did that once and it worked. 708 transactions and 100%. I've mostly sold used car parts which are tough. As mentioned, make no promises and document what you are selling just in case. Good luck.