Screwed selling an Iwata LPH-400 on Ebay

Dan Trimbach

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If all that is wrong with it is the cap seal, that gun is still worth way more than $200. You should get it back, fix the seal or buy a new cap and sell it on CL for $300.


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Good info there, however, original post date was may of 2019.
I use a lph400 and I like the way it sprays.
I've had mine for about 10 years and never had a problem.
When selling on eBay you can check a box that says NO RETURNS or add it into your description.
As long as the product isn't misrepresented in any way, such as NEW in box when it's used, I don't think you'll have a problem. I have sold a lot of things on eBay without any issues.


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I buy far more than I sell on ebay, so it's hard to complain about their buyer protection policies. There are actually quite a few shady sellers on there, but I have almost never had a problem getting a refund. The only exception is when I accidentally bought something that shipped from China, my advice is NEVER do that because return shipping is not something to get involved with.


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Always stipulate in your listing that you will cancel any bid by a Ebay'er with little or no feedback and/or one who has negative buyer feedback. Personally I would not sell to anyone with less than 10 feedbacks/transactions and neither to anyone with negative buyer feedback. That should weed out many of the scammers.