SL-C Super Light Kit Car


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Why not a project thread!

Lots of cutting and fitting.. This body fit like garbage, but the relationship between the builder(manufacturer) and the owner fell apart so im sure they just tossed all this stuff on and kicked it out the door. But the adtech filler seems like a really nice product. Hoping to have some of this in primer this weekend.




Had to improvise here - they cut the gas whole all kinds of crooked.


Made pockets for the front fender vents:



Wheel well installation:

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Last year i painted the carbon interior pieces that the build shop said was fitted....but that was a lie and now I dont know what I'll hve to redo:




penis roof piece..

I was against painting these and sure enough they dropped wrenches on them while building the car:
Sorry, these are out of order - this was the first mod to the body.. I'll do better now that the thread is started

Had to section the front wheel openings so you can actually open the front hood:




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Lots of steps backwards on this one though. I literally have to stare at something for a hot minute before I make a move. Everything you do alters the fitment of the body...

I finally had enough of trying to adjust the rear shell to fit that I forced myself to cut it into like 4 pieces and make it fit...I was done talking!

You start pulling measurements off these panels and your head will spin how far off they are from one side to the other. Documentation on this car is so little, and the high end builders don't really share what they do(you know top secret shit). So you just gotta figure it out yourself.
This has been a 4 year process of waiting on this car to show up. If I told you the condition of how it was supposed to arrive you would laugh at these pics, lol.

When I met with the shop and the owner 3 years ago, they prided themselves on the body fitment and even suggested that they just deliver the body to me off the car and I could paint it and return it to them. When I brought up having to gap the car and such like any normal project the owner kind of laughed at me and said "when you receive this car it will be ready to begin painting"

The passenger door wouldn't even open when it showed up, lol
220 hours to build a chassis, wire and paint it. That is retarded..I just don't see it.

Maybe I am just particular on my gaps and fitment. I figure for a 200K(about what's in this car) car it shouldn't feel like a complete piece of garbage.
NIce gap work!!
I see cars like this and makes me wonder if the owner ever thinks about what's going to happen when or if they have a tire blow out...

"I'd be happy to help you out there. I'll be your test driver when the body/paint work is all done"

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