SPI Epoxy Torture test!

I should have taken the time to do something like this myself but time is a real issue for me.
I field so many calls in a weeks time where bad info is given out on websites, it will make your head spin.
This says it all.
Also do keep in mind, in this test the epoxy was only 7 days old, no where near full cure, adhesion or strength.
about 10 years ago i abused your stuff so bad testing you should have scars . i still have a panel up on the roof with the old epoxy on it . it's faded some but a razor blade will not break the bond . .
THAT IS AWESOME. !!!! Just to clarify. Thats the epoxy sealer? Link to the product ?
Just proves to others what we already knew - SPI Epoxy is great stuff!
Now the "other" epoxy manufacturers have to step up and prove theirs will hold up to the same tests.
Here is a question for the experts. I have started a project that has had picklex applied to bare metal. ( not by me) It is of course dry and I want to remove it before applying epoxy. Since I do not have picklex would it be okay to sandblast the metal and then epoxy, or do I need to buy picklex, re wet, and scrub clean with water?
Don't waste no more money on that stuff, you can blast off or buy some oshpo and retreat and neutralize.
Great! I will happily blast this whole car to get rid of it. Many Thanks.
I was hoping for a a test with filler on bare metal with no epoxy. Especially the bend / fold test. You could see, on the left side where the filler wasn't crazy thick, he was able to bend the panel really far before the filler cracked. What would happen if there was no epoxy under that filler??? Of course, we all know the answer, but that might be an eye opener for some
Good stuff! A valid test!-the bond strength between the epoxy and the filler is always stronger than the filler. Where the break occurrs there's always some filler attached to the epoxy. You'll never see a clean break at the bond line when everything is done right and especially if the filler application is done within the right recoat time. Also an eye opener for those using Ospho and confirming the proper way to use the acid. I've done a lot of tests like this but usually try to wait 30 days to confirm full cure. The 24hr wait between cleaner and priming isn't needed at all though.
The same benifits are had when using SPI epoxy under polyester primer.
Joe 73;n70786 said:
THAT IS AWESOME. !!!! Just to clarify. Thats the epoxy sealer? Link to the product ?

Like Shine said the video is epoxy mixed as primer. If you want epoxy sealer just add reducer to the epoxy primer and you will have epoxy sealer, aren't Barrys' products great !