SPI Epoxy Torture test!

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Dub, I must be blind... I don't see a like button anywhere?
Awesome video and a stark contrast to that filler and epoxy test that made it's way around the net several years ago that was purposely designed to make the epoxy fail. This is why I won't use anything other than SPI epoxy on anything bare metal.
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Here is a cut and past of it, right far bottom just above the page 1 and 2
I don't see it either. Just Quote-Flag or Edit-Quote-Flag for your own post.
Thanks for sharing the video. Makes my job easier when asked why do you buy your stuff from out of state.
Yeah I see no likey button either. Yet I saw someone 'liked' my post where I said "I wish there was a like button," and I was like WTF.
even with this test which i think was one that pretty much covered all the bases there is still arguments .some people will just never admit they are wrong . but i think this makes it absolutely clear that acid residue will kill adhesion .
Those are a small amount of people Shine, we just do our best at trying to do a better job of educating people, then the other companies do as most people really care and want to know.
I may be a fool but that is why I think I make so many friends on the tech line as anytime I answer a question I try to back it up with the chemical reasons why just so they know the answer is not an opinion but fact.

For the others, when they call with an epoxy problem after the car has been done for a month, all I need to know is what the epoxy is doing and I can tell them what they did, without them telling me. There is theory and then there are chemical facts.
well so much for helping educate anyone on hr . god there are so many trolls there. mods are useless.
I haven't been to the HR forum but maybe 2 times in twice as many years.... Is anyone learning anything over there or is it still rustoleum and duplicolor talk?
worse . funny that all the asshats just troll through for a while. the mods dont do diddle squat unless you mention religion . then they come screaming out of the wood works .
i posted this video because i thought it was a really good one. not like that one a few years ago by a moron who couldn't paint in the first place . only got to maybe 6-7 post until the idiots chimmed in .
on the subject of acid. i use milkstone a lot . straight it is pretty bad ass . if done right acid will give you a killer clean surface . leave any residue your toast ..
Should I be using an acid after I sandblast panels? I notice that if I blast a panel where there was rust, it tends to come back rather quickly in the pitted areas. When I blast a part that just had old layers of paint, it can sit for weeks/months and not rust up. What type of acid treatment is the best, and what is the best way to neutralize it? Wash with water and Dawn dish soap? Do you guys acid wash every bare metal panel before epoxy? I'm concerned with microscopic rust that may not be visible after blasting in the pitted areas of sheet metal.
acid has to be rinsed off while it is active . meaning wet . if my parts are clean enough after blasting i will wash and epoxy . there's nothing wrong with using acid to clean but it can not dry .