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Spray Booth Air Hose

Hi all have a question . What's a good place to buy a high quality air hose to use in the spray booth. My jobber just send me a Tsunami air hose 35 ' and wants $100 for the hose ? Am I out of the realistic world ? They don't recommend a standard hose as can brake down inside depositing little pieces of trash in finish.
I replaced my 3/8-inch hoses when cracks appeared. I found the 1/2-inch Flexzilla hose to be a good replacement and although not cheap, very reasonable. I put a 50-footer on my hose reel and it takes up only slightly more space than the 3/8 red rubber hose. They are available with 1/4-, 3/8-, or 1/2-inch fittings and flow some serious air. Bought mine on Amazon:
220V Outlet 2.jpg
Yep Flexzilla here too. The only draw back I have with it is if I step on it sometimes it slaps my calf or the curl goes around my foot, could be just me though.
i use the flexzilla also. just dont step on it while shooting . i also have the water hoses with quick connections. they are awesome .