1. jelco

    Engine bay metal prep

    I’ve power washed, wire wheeled, welded holes in firewall, degreased twice. Next I’ll sand down a little more with poly carbide and 80 grit. Unfortunately I won’t be able to sand blast the frame or remove the body from the frame All I had was a gas-less flux welder with min/max setting. There...
  2. Creativename

    Anyone using the air gunsa hte-s?

    I recently got one and have had some mixed results spraying 2k regular build. Anyone else have an opinion on the gun?
  3. V

    Proper steps on 67 Mustang project for first timer

    Hello. I've been reading a ton, learned quite a bit but want to run my project by those who know more. Here's the details: 67 Mustang coupe, down to the shell now and I have to make some decisions on the next steps. Metal I know I need to replace: both floorpans, floor supports, and toe kicks...
  4. S

    Final sanding before basecoat

    Hey everyone, I just finished block sanding the 2k high build primer on my truck at 120 grit. I sanded through to bare metal in a few spots. It could probably use another round of 2k high build and blocking but I think its satisfactorily straight. So what I am wondering is what I should do to...
  5. B

    Primer for my plow truck

    Great forum, and I'm hoping SPI epoxy primer is as great as I read it is. ***Disclaimer*** I am not a body man and this is arguably my first paint job. Here is the question, I have a 89 bronco down to bare metal, but I still need to plow driveway this winter with it. I will only plow maybe 8...