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1966 Mustang Coupe Restomod

Dam that bites. Those kinds mistakes happen to everyone at some point from one extreme to another, what differentiates the average shop from a truly professional one is what you see here, accept that a mistake happened and properly correct it no matter what has to be done.
The repair is finished and a little epoxy was brushed on to stop the surface rust on the weld

Fitting the shock tower panels

Welding finished just need to start grinding

Epoxy primed the engine compartment and undercarriage

Started the bodywork on the fender aprons

The extra holes in the firewall were patched and the engine compartment epoxy primed

I still wasn't happy with the fender aprons and we did a little bodywork on the firewall

One coat of SPI epoxy primer

Two coats of SPI Turbo urethane primer

I never have liked the way Ford just stuck the taillights on the outside of the taillight panel and the owner agreed. He wanted to install 67 taillights but the taillight panel is to small so we are recessing the taillights. He ordered a set of billet bezels from Eddie Motorsports.

The first step was to get the taillights to fit the new taillight panel and trace around it.

Brian decided to make a new inner bracket out of thicker metal.

This was his first attempt but it was a little to small so he had to make another one out of an old seat riser.

Test fitting the taillight

His new bracket tack welded in place

The top piece is just to hold it in place and will be trimmed.

The next step will be to make the filler pieces
Back side welded

This is how Brian filled in the gaps

Next he trimmed it and welded it solid

Brian isn't finished yet but after grinding it will look like something like this.

The flares are to small on the early Mustangs so Brian is going to make a little larger flare.

The first thing is to mark where he is going to make his cut and start cutting.

He left it attached at the bottom and brought it out 1 1/4" at the top.

Next he made a pattern out of poster board and taped it on.

Next he transferred the pattern to metal and had to make it in sections to get the shape he wanted and started tacking in place

He will keep added sections until it is all filled in

Brian wanted to see how 275 x 18's fit so he borrowed these from another project car

This is the owners original 255 x 17's that are now to narrow and will be going on my Mustang II restomod under construction.