1967 mustang fastback

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Man that's nice, I've never seen brake disks like that, are they special?
No, they are original Kelsey Hayes 4 piston calipers specific to the GT. The car always had very good brakes,especially with the lincoln rear discs. I did upgrade the calipers to SSBC with the stainless pistons though.


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Me too '68, I never really liked the early mustangs ...except for those fastbacks! Dang they look good. I was lucky enough to have a 71 mach 1 with a cleveland and ram air hood with pins. About a quarter inch of pedal would get you sideways on a dirt road at about 1500rpms! Old school torque was so much fun...

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Floor sweeper
Then I got the fenders mounted. I used rivets to align them when I did the bodywork so when I put it back together today I just popped in the rivets and bolted them down.

Now the hood should line up with minimal effort. I also made some plastic washers to go under the bolt heads until everything was lined up



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I love that you are keeping this car traditional. Great wheel and tire choice. I know I'll catch some flack for saying this but keeping the wheels and tires like you did just looks so much more right on cars of that era. You are also showing great attention to detail and care with assembling it. Great job my friend. You are gonna have something that you can be proud you did the rest of your life.:)