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yes, it does seem like goofy advice when I re-read my post! Earlier this year, I invested in a Hobby Air set up and it does allow me to 'breathe easier' :)


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I work for a government contractor writing technical manuals for the Navy after retiring from the Navy. In the technical manuals that we write that have the potential to expose people to Isocyanates, here's what the WARNINGs say:
"Isocyanates are typically used to form polyurethane materials. Sawing, grinding, abrading, or other operations on cured [polyurethane materials] that heat the material may generate low levels of free isocyanate in the dust particles. These operations may also liberate an isocyanate vapor. Low levels of free isocyanate are also present during the mixing and application of [polyurethane] paint."
"Isocyanates are toxic materials that can cause short-term health effects and in some cases, long-term health effects. Short-term health effects include irritation of the eyes, respiratory tract, and skin. If exposure is severe, bronchitis and fluid in the lung may develop. Extended contact of liquid isocyanate with skin can also cause redness, swelling and blistering."
"Sensitization to isocyanates, although not common, is a potential long-term health effect. Sensitization results in a reaction similar to asthma, with the development of wheezing, shortness of breath and coughing. Individuals who become sensitized will likely not be able to work with isocyanate materials without developing asthma-like symptoms."
"Workers assigned to [handle polyurethane materials] should be medically screened by local medical/industrial hygiene authorities and cleared for working with isocyanate containing materials. If an individual indicates sensitivity to any of the SHT materials, the worker shall be removed immediately from this work and referred to the medical department."

The Naval Ships Technical Manual 631 - Preservation of Ships In Service is the tech manual that contains all of the requirements for handling isos, among lots of other things. If you want to learn how the Navy keeps their ships from rusting, read this (it's 304 pages, if that's any clue how important it is).


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i do not drag around a hose. i lay out my hose before i start . it is as important as spraying . the hood has a belt that the hose is attached to .
Could you elaborate on the "lay out the hose" part? Aside from holding the hose behind my back, I have no idea how to manage my air hose.


i lay my hose out how i'm going to move. if i start on drivers side i will lay the hose out on the pass side then bring back around to driver side. this way the hose is where i'm headed . i do not have to drag it around . i'm only dealing with about 10 ft of it .


well i decided not to take the 4th round of chemo . i'm down to 180 lbs { from 225 }and miserable . weak as hell and not able to do much . i honestly felt that another round would kill me . finally gaining some weight back. takes 90 days to purge this poison out . will take most of the winter to get back in shape i guess . hard to live on the farm and not be able to work . my godson has stepped up a lot to try and cover for me . good kid .
a ct scan is cheap and can be the difference between surviving cancer or being told there is no hope . give yourself a birthday present of a scan .
i am doing the safeguard wormer treatment now . google Joe Tipen from oklahoma . it is for insurance since i have no active cancer at this time . i now know of 6 people just in my area who were terminal but after this treatment were cancer free in a few months . sounds like bs i know but after researching it i had to change my mind . half of the people i met in chemo are on it .
there are no side effects other than chasing the ups truck and trying to lick my balls .
talks cheap . step up and get scanned for your family .


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Shine, my heart is with you. Glad to see you have your sense of humor. Hope you get back to normal really soon. Btw... my brother seems to be doing really well after his colon cancer ordeal. Been a few months now and keeps getting good scans.
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thanks .
my years in the navy they used epoxy paint and asbestos in buckets . add water to make a paste and patch in over steam lines and such . crazy. guys would mix it up by hand . no wonder old vets died young .


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Damn... I worked at a dental lab once and the boss had me rebuild an 8ft work table that was surfaced in a hard sheet of asbestos, I had to cut it with a circular saw, he assured me it was ok and blew off my concern. That was in the late 70's, it still haunts me. Cloud of dust and no mask of any kind. He's dead now from kharma...


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Although cancer hasn't been cured yet there really are effective hopeful treatments these days for most.
Do work occasionally for a cancer doctor. Talking with him one day approx. 15 years ago I said it must suck to loose a patient. He loudly & arrogantly replied---- none of my patients die. Sometimes confident arrogance is a great thing.


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All the best in your recovery. I only have painted 2 cars in my life but I do use the 3M disposable with a full paint suit but I only spray outdoors because I hate the overspray in the garage and I don't want to be in that confined area with the paint fumes. Luckily I live in an area that I can find a nice day with no wind and minimal bugs in the desert.


if you use the 3m mask start with a new one every 8 hrs . they are cheap . you dont realize what a lung is worth until you loose one :{ .

well i'm 1 month out from the last chemo. feeling better and actually gaining a little weight. still a long road ahead to regain the muscle i have lost . doc says i should be back to working by first of the year . should have this poison out by dec .
not sure if there is much building and painting in my future . i get winded real fast and have to take a break . may be time to hang up my guns . i have the 2 fleetlines i had rounded up before this all started but may just have to sell them . time will tell .

i can tell you this much. the moment someone begins to argue about safety i stop listening . i watched a painter on overhauling the other night . he had on a paint suite , no head sock or hair , the 3m mask he was wearing while shooting clear was the one he had shot color with. filters were solid color. imho this is just stupid. risk you life over a 30 dollar mask . dont try to tell me your color saturated mask is still good for shooting clear.


if you or anyone you know has cancer this is a very good read . i opted to go this route because i now have 6 firsthand results just in my area. had no idea it was as common as it is. thanks to the internet these stories get out .



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So the "Canine Dewormer" is helping?:p Good to know.

Seriously though I hope you are feeling better and like I told you before I am praying for you my friend. Someone as crusty and cantankerous as you is gonna come out on the other side. Maybe a little worse for wear but you will. You'll be back on your projects and telling neighborhood kids to get off your lawn before you know it.:)