I want to create the "Best Sanding Blocks Ever"

Just got pictures of the tooling/molds. Should be able to run samples very soon.
Very exciting!

Mold picture 1.png

Mold picture 2.png
I am late to the party here but will offer my end-user experience.

I have Durablocks, Big Kid blocks, & the other softer foam blocks with all the different profiles. I think each has its place.

I had to toss a couple of the Big Kid Blocks in the trash, they broke easily. (They did send me a replacement, but the second one I just trashed it.} One of my long BK blocks is not even flat, you can look down at it and it is bowed like a wood 2x4. Perhaps that is on purpose.

I feel the focus on long blocks is overrated. I find myself using smaller blocks with w/self-stick paper for some hard-to-reach areas.

I am currently working on a 61 Chevrolet truck, it has many curves and the doors roll in on each end. I'd like a block that had an adjustable curve on one end for that.

I find a light touch, the use of a dry guide powder, and having a variety of blocks and block styles helpful.
Just a quick update on the "pre-sale" launch of the Black Diamond Sanding Blocks.

The production tooling is complete and the first samples of the blocks have been run and they look great! These samples have been shipped and as soon as I have them in my hands and confirm every detail is perfect, I will launch the "pre-sale." I expect this to be next week.

Meanwhile, here is something cool to check out:

We've created a 3-D rendering of the blocks.

Just click on this link: https://skfb.ly/oCBww

Then use your mouse or finger to move the block around and see details in 3-D.

We are so very close! Watch for the launch message next week.

If you'd like to be notified when the "pre-sale" opens, and you haven't signed up yet, just go to this link:
The production samples arrived and they are perfect!
I've placed the first production order with the factory.
Pre-sale is now open
Price is $50 plus $9 for shipping in the United States (this is basically at cost for me - I want to get them to members here as a thank you for your contributions, and to get early customer reviews.)
Target is to have the blocks in your hands in about 30-days.
Here is the link: https://blackdiamondblocks.com/

Here is a picture of the actual blocks, I think they look great!

Both Blocks _01.jpg

Thank you so much to everyone who contributed suggestions and encouragement for this project.
I've done my absolute best to deliver something great and it is my hope that they help you get exceptional results on your projects, faster, easier and better.

Here we go!
I just placed an order but, I did not get a confirmation. Website is a bit slow, you must be using Godaddy or something, lol.

Please let me know that you received it. Nixa, Missouri is the shipping state.

Thanks Dean!