I want to create the "Best Sanding Blocks Ever"

Dean Jenkins

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Just got pictures of the tooling/molds. Should be able to run samples very soon.
Very exciting!

Mold picture 1.png

Mold picture 2.png


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I am late to the party here but will offer my end-user experience.

I have Durablocks, Big Kid blocks, & the other softer foam blocks with all the different profiles. I think each has its place.

I had to toss a couple of the Big Kid Blocks in the trash, they broke easily. (They did send me a replacement, but the second one I just trashed it.} One of my long BK blocks is not even flat, you can look down at it and it is bowed like a wood 2x4. Perhaps that is on purpose.

I feel the focus on long blocks is overrated. I find myself using smaller blocks with w/self-stick paper for some hard-to-reach areas.

I am currently working on a 61 Chevrolet truck, it has many curves and the doors roll in on each end. I'd like a block that had an adjustable curve on one end for that.

I find a light touch, the use of a dry guide powder, and having a variety of blocks and block styles helpful.