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Triumph TR7

I’m excited. I ordered SPI dark red base and Universal clear today! I’m not quite ready for them yet, but I need to paint a bumper cover for my daily driver so I wanted the Universal clear for next week. I have a top notch paint guy stopping to advise me once in a while. He stopped last week and agreed we’d be spraying the TR7 within a month. The doors, hood, and trunk lid are about ready to go.

I think I’ll let him spray the bumper for my DD because it is metalic and I’m sure he can spray it right. He brought down paint code variants in Spies and some other Axalta. Spies was a lot better match, so that’s what we are going with for base on the bumper. His recommendation was to seal with my SPI epoxy and clear with what I plan to use on the TR7. He said to ask about flex additive, which I did. He recommends products that he knows and trusts, but he admitted he wants to try SPI. He always has a handful of people that he is helping to restore cars. Maybe he’ll start recommending SPI.

I plan to spray the TR7 with him watching to coach me if stuff isn’t going well. He is happy that I got the LPH400 and PPS. Things are falling into place.
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The doors are a little goofy and could have used 3 or 4 coats of 2k. I’m probably spraying it too light, but I don’t want any issues from spraying too heavy.

More 2K in the morning.

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Update on the doors. I didn’t spray more 2k. I decided to straighten the metal closer and start over with fresh epoxy. The door handles on a TR7 cause quite a bit of flex in the door skin. Over the years, that turned in to permanently deformed metal on these doors. I spent about a week straightening and reinforcing those areas instead of just adding more primer. It is all good now without a bunch of 2k built up.
I’m back on the body. I have the doors, hood, and thunk about ready to spray in 600 grit.

I am spraying another 3 coats of epoxy on the body tonight which should do it. Everything looks great in the wet epoxy other than some sanding scratches. I had the first coats of epoxy and some minor glazzing sanded in 220.

Thanks to everyone here for all the support. I read stuff and learn more from you every day.

I spent quite a while planning my spray pattern around the car. I’m practicing in epoxy as if it were my base or clear.

1 coat of black epoxy:


Thanks. The TR7 is progressing, but slowly. It's still on the rotisserie. I am taking my time, enjoying the project, and getting everything exactly how I want it.
Cool, well good to hear you are still making progress. Taking your time and enjoying the project is what it's all about! You are doing top notch work from what I see.